Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Funny Picture on their Climax

Funny Picture on their Climax

 in This Picture The Sign board On a chine wall showing a way to the toilet, the funny thing is that looking the long wall there is no toilet found. if anyone wanted to go for a toilet he refused to go for toilet,i never go for toilet if i have to walk ling for just only a toilet. never..!!

 This is too funny, the United Methodist Church's sign board shows "DON'T LET WORRIES KILL YOU LET THE CHURCH HELP", the image shows it self if you have any worry then Don't worry just go to church and ask god to remove the worries.

 This picture is a danger one in this a boy is smoking a sigarate on the petrol pump, where i found 3-4 bill board of "NO SMOKING" but he is in Nice mood and avoiding the Sign he smoke with out any fear of Blast..too Danger. It is advisable to not to smoke on the petrol pump even switched off the cellphone when using a petrol pump to avoid a blast...

 Branton lions club have a funny sign board that tell to drive carefully,it tells they have two cemeteries for you, there is no hospital near you. is you incidently accident then no One Helps You..God Bless You

 This pic shows the various timeline like Facebook, first man is on Stone age that time they used stone, then he gone to Bronze age in that they uses Bronze, In Iron age he uses Iron , in dark age he become warrier, in modern age he worked on machine and in finally in computer age he work with computer,
The Funny thing about this pic is in every image it bangs the thing in last it also bang the Computer,Nice One

 Warning : If You Feed The Pigeon you will loose your finger A picture from some Zoo that tell on not feed Simply.

 The Road sign that shows if you drive a car on this lane you will go Deep in the river, this lane is only for the Bicycle

 Some one placed a baloon in front of the Security Camera to hide their presence

the person showing a bill board in which he write "Why Lie I want A Beer", Funny is that he is bagging to people

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