Saturday, 11 February 2012

Amazing Flower From The World (16 pics)

Rhodanthe chlorocephala - “Paper Daisy” 

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Dudleya pulverulenta ssp. pulverulenta - California Chalk Lettuce 
Camissonia claviformis ssp. claviformis - Browneyes
Umbellularia californica - California Bay - Some of you might see these leaves and flowers in your Holiday wreaths. 
Hieracium aurantiacum - Orange Hawkweed
Maurandya antirrhiniflora
Gaura coccinea - “Scarlet Gaura”
Helenium autumnale - Common Sneezeweed 
Aloe saponaria - Soap aloe
Hesperochiron pumilus - Dwarf Hesperochiron
Taraxacum californicum - California dandelion. They look so weedy, but they’re native! 
Sidalcea oregana ssp. valida - Kenwood Marsh Checkerbloom
Lycium pallidum var. oligospermum - Rabbit Thorn
Ranunculus californicus - Buttercup
Darlingtonia californica - California Pitcher plant, a carnivorous plant.
Alzantedeschia aethiopica -  I recently went on a bike tour on the coast of CA, and encountered a lot of these guys. Unfortunately, they’re invasive. 

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